Robben Island Forum

Project Vision Inspired by Robben Island Museum

"Cape Town / Robben Island" by aprillynn77 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Given the aim of the Robben Island Museum (RIM) to be a platform that promotes critical debate which advances the research, archiving, and preservation of natural and cultural heritage, we propose a community forum project, which connects the community with the RIM collection. Building from that mission and function, the Robben Island Forum (RIF) will increase the accessibility of the museum’s archives, objects, and institutional knowledge while also increasing their community-engagement efforts. This forum project will encourage meaningful connections between people, communities, and objects or locations. Additionally, it provides a more collaborative space to preserve and promote the island’s cultural heritage and resources. Providing a space to view and interact with the collection, as it becomes digitally available, greatly increases the accessibility of the collection as well as promotes participation, community or otherwise, with preserving and advancing cultural heritage of the island.